A round thing -
your rotation.

For Beginners and Experienced. With the iTurn, every golfer improves his or her own rotation quickly and to the point. Whether at home or on the range.

Progress with every beep

The rotation of the body is automatically limited by simply adjustable "paddles" that are installed at hip height as well as at head height. Should you step out of line, you will be informed of this by a beep during the swing.

Moving technology
in your movement

The iTurn helps you to keep your body rotation in the perfect axis both in the upswing and in the downswing. No pushing, no pushing - just turn!

Different sizes for each setting

The iTurn is flexible, just like you. Simply adjust it to your body size and make it your perfect instrument.

A small summary
with a big impact

Twist and turn as you want. Just not with the golf swing. Precision and control are key here. With the support of the iTurn you optimize your body rotation - up to perfection.

Easy installation adapted to the body size.

Different models suitable for all golfers.

Flexible and practical. Can be used at home or on the range.

Exchange of information by means of sound and light.

Can be combined from Basic to Premium.

Robust and durable.

No power supply or cables required. The iTurn is battery operated and can therefore be used anywhere.

Easily switchable for right or left handers.

But so is perfection.

It's both easier now.